[ENG] Before asking question about Trainers

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[ENG] Before asking question about Trainers

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Please read the FAQ of Trainer before asking questions !

Promo Trainer / Paid Trainer = The promo Trainer is not fully functional. You can for example have 4 options but only one is available. It is also important to know that Trainers City does not take commission on the sale or purchase of any trainers on is website and outside is website. If you don't like to pay for a trainer, there is no need to insult people or companies that make paid trainers, you have 3 solutions : either you use the trainer with the few options it offers, or you buy the full version on the platform that offers it (Trainers City is not responsible for any transactions outside is site!) or you can make your own trainer and you can share it with the community by offering it for download on Trainers City ;)!
Also, it seems to me that having trainers with fewer free options that work is much better than having no trainers at all!

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